three new client reviews on!

“Mark was outstanding in his work. He was very quick and really knew what he was doing. I would highly recommend working with him!”

“He doesn’t have (or need) a fancy office and doesn’t drive a 100K Super Car. This man went above and beyond what any other attorney that wanted to bill 500 / Hr for a traffic issue. He knew what to ask and say. He knew what to expect and fight for. I will ALWAYS keep his number saved in my phone. He is honest and thats hard to find in an attorney! He could have taken my case to trial and made a few thousand dollars off me but instead presented me with a MUCH CHEAPER option and least amount of risk for what I could have paid. Mark you will always be in my phone if I need you. HE’S HONEST, HE’S HUMBLE AND HE WORKS FOR YOU!”

“Mark was an outstanding attorney for my reckless driving ticket in Jefferson County. He went above and beyond in helping me get what was right for my case. He even helped me out with my final fine after getting me a tremendous result for my ticket I received. If I ever get another traffic infraction, I’ll be calling Mark.”