Practice Areas

Driving Under the Influence/While Ability Impaired are two of the most common misdemeanor traffic charges in Colorado. It’s entirely possible to fail a blood test after having just one drink of alcohol or ingesting one serving of a marijuana-infused edible. The junk science endorsed by law enforcement and prosecutors can be overwhelming for an ordinary person, making it imperative to be represented by a skilled professional.

Drugs + Weapons
Although Colorado recently softened its penalties for low-weight drug offenses, the collateral consequences of a drug conviction can be extremely dire, involving loss of employment, suspension of driving privileges, deportation for non-citizens, eviction from housing, and termination of academic financial aid. Weapons offenses are far too common in Colorado, and having a felony conviction will prohibit you from ever owning a gun. There are grave consequences for simultaneously possessing drugs and a gun. Don’t attempt to defend yourself without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Domestic Violence
All charges involving domestic violence have become a paramount focus within district attorney’s offices. When hit with a charge involving domestic violence, it can feel like everyone in the world is against you. And accusations against an intimate partner can have serious consequences. At the very least, a conviction involving domestic violence will revoke a person’s federal constitutional right to bear arms. More importantly, the mandatory protection order can have a profound impact by separating the family unit. Don’t let the government further interfere with your responsibilities to your family. Consult with an attorney so that you have an advocate on your side.

Physical altercations are rarely one-sided. Typically, first responders wrongfully assume the victim is the one who called 9-1-1. Alcohol, drugs, and the heat of passion can lay the foundation for volatile behavior. Felony assault charges frequently carry mandatory prison sentences and many years on parole. While facing such enormous consequences, it’s necessary to have an attorney fighting for you.

Theft + Property Crimes
Law enforcement is continuing to rely more heavily on forensic evidence in identifying a suspect. Fingerprints, DNA evidence, and surveillance footage can be challenged through intensive litigation and investigation. Only a meticulous and knowledgeable counselor can provide this indispensable defense.

Sex Offenses
Often times, a sex offense charge is based solely on the accusation of another person. There are reasons why people lie: jealousy, revenge, and attention-seeking, to name a few. Not only can sex offense sentences be incredibly lengthy, they all include sex offender registration requirements that can impact where a person can live, work, and who a person can be in a relationship with. No matter what may have happened, it is essential to have an attorney who will never pass judgment on you, and will help you through this difficult situation.

Probation Revocations
It can be very difficult to be successful on probation. No one wants to have a babysitter. With so many terms and conditions, it can be very easy to mess up. You have due process rights when your probation officer petitions the court to revoke your probation. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that there is no hope. Only an experienced attorney can provide the critical legal advice needed to navigate this complicated process.

Record Sealing/Expungement
It’s virtually certain that a criminal history will limit opportunities with employment, housing, gun possession, and academics. Not enough people realize that there are many juvenile adjudications and adult convictions – specifically drug possession offenses – that are eligible for expungement or sealing. Do not hesitate in eliminating unfortunate mistakes from the public’s view with the assistance of a legal expert.

Juvenile Matters
Since the mid-1990s, Colorado has been at the forefront of treating our children like criminals, merely for being kids. Tragically, the juvenile justice system has become an unobstructed pipeline to adult prison. Our community’s children attend court hearings wearing colored jumpsuits and are shackled at the wrists and ankles. Uninformed parents and unethical law enforcement agencies place children in situations in which they waive their constitutional rights, and perhaps admit to things that they did not do. Only a compassionate and experienced attorney can give your child the justice he or she deserves.