Jury finds Knicks’ Rose not liable in sexual assault civil lawsuit

Mr. Rose was found not liable of sexual battery, battery, trespassing, conspiracy, gender violence, and emotional distress. This trial apparently came down to one issue: credibility. The jury didn’t believe the accuser. Don’t lie about being sexually assaulted. To do so is a crime, it’s immoral, it jeopardizes the life and livelihood of the falsely accused, and it further exhausts …


I called Mr. Blechman as a result of a peer recommendation. I was highly impressed with both his expertise and knowledge, and especially his willingness to speak with me at length and answer my questions very patiently and thoroughly. He went above and beyond in his helpfulness and spent well over an hour on the phone with me. I would …


A stunning result today for my client in Denver District Court. After deliberating for a couple of hours, the judge ultimately sided with Justice and chose not to impose the six-year suspended prison sentence as a consequence of a probation revocation; and instead, reinstated probation. My client’s family’s cries of joy and disbelief pulsated from the back of the courtroom. …


“Mark was respectful, courteous, professional and always attentive to my needs in my case. I will highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal attorney. Mark was also very communicative throughout my case, an attribute that many attorneys seem to lack.”

‘Making a Murderer’ subject Brendan Dassey’s homicide conviction overturned

After the madness settles, and unfair decisions are reviewed, Justice resurfaces. We should expect the government to re-file charges against Brendan. Because that’s what it does. But we must hope that this young man can soon reunite with his family and get on with his life. We must treat our children better. http://www.businessinsider.com/making-a-murderer-brendan-dassey-conviction-overturned-2016-8