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“Super helpful! This guy put in so many hours of hard work and made it look easy. Three felonies in three different counties and he made taking care of everything SO EASY. This is the only paid lawyer I’ve ever had and quite frankly this was the best choice I could have made. He walked me through every step of the process and was there to answer any questions I had. I also had the opportunity of spending hours with him Outside of the courtroom, making sure that everything was taken care of after sentencing. He is a great guy. Not only a great lawyer but a great person. If you are in Colorado and in need of a lawyer with will flat out get the job done, choose Mark! Thanks Mark!”
“I contacted Mark about a traffic ticket. He was extremely thorough on the initial phone call. He was communicative and kept me informed in the time leading up to the trial, after which I was found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed. I found him to be pleasant and honest during the entire process. Thanks Mark!”
“Extremely nice , friendly & intelligent lawyer who’s skills helped to get my case dismissed through a technicality despite the case being a few years old. I’m currently living in Texas and was overwhelmed with re-addressing the incident. After speaking and being re assured my success rate by Mr. Blechman I felt quite satisfied and agreed to continue with his expertise until my case was resolved. He continued direct contact to me through email/phone as my case re – opened and he started talks with the court and DA. After my court date was set he offered rides to and from the airport, jailhouse and courthouse (which happened to be roughly 3 hours outside the city of Denver). I’m completely satisfied with my experience with Mr. Blechman and will gladly recommend him.”
“I am an employee for the federal government. I called Mark several weeks ago as I had learned that I would be facing felony domestic violence charges. I called Mark with MANY questions. He spent over an hour on the phone with me patiently answering all of my questions. The conversation was extremely insightful due to his extensive experience and knowledge in criminal defense, as well as due to the patience he showed in answering all of my questions in great detail at length. I had consulted with at least 20 other top rated criminal defense attorneys in the state of Colorado. While their experience levels were largely similar, Mark, by far, stood out as being the most personable and caring, traits that I was not able to identify in many other attorneys. On top of this, his patience is unparalleled as evidenced by the amount of time he took out of his busy day to speak to me on the phone (I think I interrupted his lunch hour with my long phone call). Experience is certainly a requisite, but many attorneys have experience. These other traits, among others, sets Mark above the rest. In addition, many other attorneys that I spoke with started and focused the conversation on the subject of money before I was even given the chance to assess my situation and their qualifications. In my conversation with Mark, money was the last subject brought up at the end of an 1 hour+ phone call and was brought up by me. I give this anecdote because he is obviously not just the stereotypical lawyer who is only after your money. I would strongly recommend Mark to anyone in need of a defense attorney. These are exactly the requisite characteristics any defendant needs when facing prosecution.”