My Profile

I am a criminal defense attorney and proud owner of Blechman Law. Since the beginning of my legal career I have been a fierce and fearless advocate for individuals accused of crime. I have represented thousands of clients charged with everything from Driving Under the Influence to First Degree Murder, throughout many different parts of beautiful Colorado. On behalf of clients, I have passionately and vigorously taken more than 50 cases to trial.

Firm senses of empathy, compassion, and fairness were instilled in me at a young age. These fundamental notions were first given a strong voice through the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office. Having spent over five years as a Deputy State Public Defender, my days and nights were filled with meetings with clients in remote county jails, hours-long phone calls to reassure worried family members, and heart-wrenching demands for justice and mercy in the courtroom.

Originally placed in northeastern Colorado in the Sterling Office, I advocated for clients all over the vast prairie. Having grown up on Long Island, New York, I had to adapt quickly to rural cultural tempo and sensibilities. Within six months I was promoted to handling a felony caseload. I was successful in earning the trust of my clients. In the courtroom I was effective in bringing juries to my client’s side.

After two years I returned to the city in the Denver Office. I navigated my clients through treacherous complexities of poverty, racism, mental illness, drug abuse, gang culture, and police violence. I spent years tirelessly standing up for the Constitutional rights of my clients, many of whom were without a home or a family member to lean on.

My client-focused mission translated well into my private practice at Blechman Law. I fully welcome and value that both in and out of the courtroom, I am my client’s only ally.