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“Mark Blechman is an amazing attorney. I called his office and was in touch with him right away. He had no problem providing me advice and giving me advice before he tried to have me come in for a consultation. He really proves himself to be an effective attorney that knows the ins and outs of the law before he even tries to sell you on his services. He’s a great guy and I will be using him in the future again. Thank you Mark!”

“I contacted Mr. Blechman regarding a traffic offense case. Even though his schedule would not allow him to take my case, he gave me advice and information that greatly helped with my case. I have never had an attorney give information without charging for it and he didnt give the impression that he was hurried or trying to quickly get me off the phone. If I have need of an attorney in the future I would seek Mr. Blechman first.”

“I contacted Mr. Blechman all the way from Kentucky. Mr. Blechman was straight forward and honest about everything pertaining to my case. Mr. Blechman even gave me advice on how to approach my court matters in Colorado without having to be out of a lot of money, he was honest about his legal fees, and honest about how I could go about the matter a lot cheaper. Thank you Mr.Blechman for your honesty.”

“I originally called Mark for his advice on a ticket I received in Denver. He took about 45 minutes to help me determine how to proceed and how the court process works. After my first court hearing I had some issues and possibly needed to hire Mark. He spoke to me for about 1 1/2 hours on the phone, free of charge. Was extremely honest, insightful, and knowledgeable. Told me that based on my case it would not be cost efficient to hire him but he still continued to educate me. I ended up resolving an 8 point ticket down to 2 and also got the fine reduced. This was 100% based on Mark’s guidance in which he didn’t get a dime for. I even offered to send him some money and he said no. This is not normal for a lawyer to take time out of his day just to help me get out of my situation. If this is the kind of service he provides to someone not paying him, I can only imagine the amount of effort he would put into a case he was hired to work on. Hopefully I never need his advice again but if I need a lawyer, I’ll be hiring Mark! Thank you!”

“I reached out to Mark to help me find counsel. We spent some time discussing the matter, which was extremely helpful. He immediately contacted his network of colleagues, and found the appropriate attorney for my issue. He is helpful, well-connected, and a great resource!”